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Finalists pronounced at February 17th

February 17th we know who will advance to the final of the Horticultural Entrepreneur Award 2022

The registration of candidates is now closed. From Thursday 17 February it will be announced which entrepreneurs have been nominated for the Horticultural Entrepreneur Prize 2022 or the new theme prize Robotization and data-driven horticulture (digitization).

With the election of entrepreneur of the year and the theme prize, we put the dynamic and sustainable sector in the spotlight and reward entrepreneurs who show daring, decisiveness and sustainability; entrepreneurs who use creative solutions, perseverance and a willingness to open consultation to grow the level of knowledge across the sector.

'We focus attention on good and innovative entrepreneurship; both inside and outside the sector. That's why we are looking for the pearls in our Horticulture sector. The ideal entrants for the Horticulture Entrepreneur Prize are investing in new technologies that raise the sector to a higher plane, whereby they pay plenty of attention to building firm foundations for a sustainable future'.


Michiel F. van Ginkel, chairman