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Plantanious, Honselersdijk (2020)


Twin brothers Joost and Freek Jansen run Plantanious, a pot plant nursery that has been in their family for three generations. The young entrepreneurs grow houseplants and flowering seasonal products on 4.5 hectares under glass in Kwintsheul. The production involves open, transparent and long-term collaboration with other businesses at home and abroad. This enables Plantanious to offer a wide range of surprising products for both the day trade and retail customers, and it is thereby able to boost the productivity of the business. 

Jury’s opinion:

Plantanious have a clear vision. That vision is green, and focuses on long and sustainable relationships. That is shown by - amongst other things - the fact that the greenhouses are heated with geothermal heat and that the business is virtually self-sufficient in its power consumption thanks to the use of solar panels. This has dramatically improved the carbon footprint in recent years.  The young entrepreneurs have drawn up a strategic plan which is constantly discussed and adjusted where necessary. In 5 years’ time they want to occupy a unique innovative position in the market, whereby customers are constantly surprised with new green concepts. These are being developed with partners in Costa Rica, Spain and the Netherlands. The final steps for 100% circular operations will soon be implemented, whereby Plantanious want to be a role model for the horticulture sector.  The jury was impressed by the way in which the entrepreneurs collaborate enthusiastically with partners in the supply chain in order to achieve optimum quality, range and sustainability every time. The entrepreneurs have vision, and goals are translated into actions that create the ability to differentiate.  The use of Big Data helps them make the right decisions. Hats off for what the entrepreneurs at Plantanious have achieved in a relatively short space of time.

Plantanious is nominated by Rabobank

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SK Roses, De Lier (2020)

The very best roses grown under optimum conditions

SK Roses in De Lier is a successful family business where a new young generation has taken over the reins. Brothers Marc, Bas and Tom Koene are responsible for the operational management of the business, which consists of three locations with a total of 65,000 m² under glass and just one goal: cultivating high quality Avalanche roses all year round.  More than thirty million stems a year are produced, which are supplied to more than fifteen European countries.

Jury’s opinion:

The jury was impressed by the young entrepreneurs’ daring, vision and persistence. The processes are continuously optimised, including through the use of Big Data.  The very best quality is thereby produced very efficiently for the top market segment. The in-house R&D department is currently investigating whether the Avalanche+ roses can also be grown under LED lighting, with minimal light emissions and as much retention as possible of the correct climatic conditions.

SK Roses is an example of a family business in the horticulture sector that is working hard and investing continuously in optimising the operational processes. There is a lot of technical expertise within the business which is used for automation and logistical processes. The entrepreneurs play a significant role within the sector. SK Roses was recently an instigator of discussions around the sustainable energy tax. The company’s employees are offered attractive fringe benefits and remuneration systems. SK Roses’ focus is on continuing to make the business more sustainable. The aim is to be able to cultivate without emissions by 2025. Initiatives are currently being developed to package sustainably, or even supply without packaging.

SK Roses is nominated by Rabobank

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Wim Peters Kwekerijen, Someren (2019)

Family business Wim Peters Kwekerijen produces, grows and packages Roma tomatoes and other special and exclusive tomato varieties over 16 hectares in Someren.  The company is progressive, independent and forward-looking and sees many opportunities for tomato cultivation.

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Dekker Chrysanten, Hensbroek (2019)

Family business Dekker Chrysanten is one of the leading chrysanthemum breeders and propagators in the world. The internationally oriented company develops and markets new varieties and has production facilities in Hensbroek and Tanzania.

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Opti-Flor Monster (2019)

The mission of the family business Opti-flor is 'to let the customer enjoy special Opti-flor orchids to the full'. Entrepreneurs Marco and René Hendriks and Raymond van der Knaap do this with a team of committed and young professionals in an entrepreneurial and inspiring environment.

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De Lepelaar, Sint-Maarten (2018)

On their 70-hectare fields and nursery greenhouse operation, a group of dynamic organic growers -- Jan, Inge, Reinout Schrijver and Joris Kollewijn -- cultivate cabbage, beets, carrots, potatoes and corn. With the size of its operation, they offer ‘forgotten vegetables’ and cultivate herbs. Sustainability is thematic throughout the company, including their most important mission, soil fertility. In their pursuit of sustainability these entrepreneurs have an ongoing relationship with nature.

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OK Plant, 's-Gravenzande (2018)

OK Plant specialises in the cultivation of little Kolibri Orchids (Phalaenopsis Kolibri), along with various seasonal products such as Campanula, Primula obconica, Aster and Cyclamen. Since 1990, Rob and Désirée Olsthoorn have been the proud owners of this growing, ultramodern pot-plant nursery in Naaldwijk. 

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Green Specialties Holland, Lierop (2017)

Adrie and Hennie Van Den Einden built Green Specialties Holland (GSH) from a traditional vegetable nursery into one of the leading suppliers of high-quality leafy vegetables, including spinach, rucola, baby-leaf and lamb’s lettuce. The activities of Green Specialties span all links in the distribution chain – from cultivation on 150 hectares to harvesting, processing, packaging and sales. In this way, the company guarantees the quality of its products.

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Bunnik Plants, Bleiswijk (2017)

In the horticultural area of Bleiswijk you simply cannot miss seeing the Bunnik Plants. On 25 hectares, this innovative pot-plant nursery produces sustainable grown, green plants at seven different locations. Its various production lines, which give Bunnik Plants added value, have helped establish the company’s sterling reputation.

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Ebben Tree Nursery, Cuijk

Ebben Tree Nursery’s slogan, ‘know-how to-grow’ refers to 150 years of experience in cultivating unique trees and bushes in shapes, colour and application. With the cultivation of 450,000 trees per year, Ebben Tree Nursery is a world leader in this field. The family company is extremely market oriented. The innovative projects that Ebben Tree Nursery developed with landscape architects are both sustainable and unique. The greening of landscapes is a desire that runs deep in the Ebben family.

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Eosta / Nature&More, Waddinxveen

Eosta is a distributor of fruit and fresh, organically-grown vegetables. It specialises in international fruit and Dutch greenhouse vegetables on the premise that ecology and economic activity can go hand in hand. They have been proving this point for the last 25 years. The company has expanded internationally into a leading importer and exporter in this segment, offering a continuous flow of innovative products. Eosta functions as the chain director for more than 1,000 growers on six continents. Responsible, Together and Authentic are the core values underpinning Eosta enterprise. With its brand, ‘Nature & More’, Eosta offers consumers complete transparency of its organic products.

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Ter Laak Orchids, Wateringen

he innovative family company, Ter Laak Orchids, stands out for its results-oriented approach and traditional Dutch trading mentality. The cultivation of high-grade Phalaenopsis takes place on an area of 125,000 square metres, with the latest technology. The company’s core values are: ambition, respect and simplicity. These Phalaenopsis growers are leading innovators, using the new, energy-efficient (and, in the future, even energy-neutral) daylight greenhouse for cultivation. With its production location in Guatemala, which is currently under construction, Ter Laak Orchids aspires to become an established name in the (Central) American market.

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Royal Brinkman, 's-Gravenzande

Royal Brinkman has been a supplier, consultant and installer for professional horticulture since 1885. They have also earned the right to use the title ‘Royal’ in their company’s name. Whereas, in recent years, many suppliers have been in a difficult position, Royal Brinkman has determined its own international course. Brinkman, which has achieved a strong local presence in the most important horticultural countries in the world, invests in good personnel to ensure the supply of their specialist products and services. Moreover, Royal Brinkman enters into strategic partnerships and joint ventures to find new solutions for its customers.

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