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Horticulture incomes have fallen

2018 will be remembered for a long time because of the long hot and dry summer. This situation had a major impact on all open crops, but greenhouse nurseries also had to be creative in managing water.

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OK Plant finalist International Grower

OK Plant from Naaldwijk is a finalist in the pot plant category for the International Grower of The Year Awards 2019. This has been announced by the AIPH (The International Association of Horticultural Producers). These prestigious prizes will be presented on 22 January during IPM in Essen.

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Wim Peters Kwekerijen nominated

Family business Wim Peters Kwekerijen produces, grows and packages Roma tomatoes and other special and exclusive tomato varieties over 16 hectares in Someren.  The company is progressive, independent and forward-looking and sees many opportunities for tomato cultivation. The company uses the latest sustainable techniques wherever possible to achieve optimal results and the best quality. An example of this is LED lighting, which makes it possible to grow crops more energy-efficiently and productively all year round. The company is the front-runner in the Netherlands with 11 ha of LED lighting.

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Opti-flor nominated

The mission of the family business Opti-flor is 'to let the customer enjoy special Opti-flor orchids to the full'. Entrepreneurs Marco and René Hendriks and Raymond van der Knaap do this with a team of committed and young professionals in an entrepreneurial and inspiring environment. The company grows more than six million phalaenopsis plants per year at seven production locations in the Westland, using special, high-quality and exclusive concepts. Opti-flor is known as a creative and innovative trendsetter. Their own R&D department has a strong market-oriented focus, resulting in pioneering out-of-the-box innovations.

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Dekker Chrysanten nominated

Family business Dekker Chrysanten is one of the leading chrysanthemum breeders and propagators in the world. The internationally oriented company develops and markets new varieties and has production facilities in Hensbroek and Tanzania. In addition, it has sales offices in the Netherlands, South Africa and Colombia and test locations in Colombia and South Africa. In recent years, Dekker Chrysanten has invested heavily in the development of innovative and successful chrysanthemum varieties and is seen worldwide as a trendsetter.

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Anthura nominated

Anthura is an expert in orchid and anthurium breeding and propagation. Over 80 years, this family business has become a global market leader and supplies young plants to more than 70 countries around the world. Anthura has production locations in Germany, Macedonia and China to ensure effective and efficient distribution. For many years the company has focused on innovative and sustainable product development, resulting in an unlimited selection of colourful varieties.

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Royal Lemkes winner 2018

The 32nd edition of the Horticulture Entrepreneur Award has been won by Royal Lemkes in Bleiswijk. This leading company may call itself the ambassador from the horticulture sector for one year. Royal Lemkes received the prestigious entrepreneur award for daring, perseverance and sustainable business practices during the well-attendend New Year's event on 10 January in Keukenhof, Lisse.

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De Lepelaar nominated

Organic dynamic growers Jan, Inge, Reinout Schrijver and Joris Kollewijn grow cabbage, beetroots, carrots, potatoes and corn at their 70-ha outdoor and greenhouse horticulture company. The size of the company enables them to offer space to ‘forgotten vegetables’ and for growing herbs. Sustainability is a common thread running through the company, and its main mission is to work on soil fertility.

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Ok Plant nominated

OK Plant specialises in growing the little Kolibri Phalaenopsis and various seasonal products such as Campanula, Primula, Aster and Cyclamen. Since 1990, Rob and Désirée Olsthoorn have been the proud owners of this growing, ultra-modern potted plant company. T

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Royal Lemkes nominated

Royal Lemkes is a leading supplier of plants and related services to major retailers in Europe. Staff at Royal Lemkes do business and communicate with a heart for green issues, as well as believing that plants help to create a better life, a business that’s full of vitality, and a healthy and green world. 

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Three nominees for the 2018 prize have been announced

Three excellent entrepreneurs stand to win the Tuinbouw Ondernemersprijs 2018 (Horticultural Entrepreneurs’ Award 2018)

The finalists for the Tuinbouw Ondernemersprijs 2018 have been announced. On Friday 27 October, Chair of the Board Nico Koomen made a surprise visit to the three nominated candidates who stand to win the prestigious entrepreneurs’ award, which, on 10 January, will be presented for the 32nd time.

What the finalists have in common is that they are using a strong and updated strategy to respond to the rapidly changing society in which sustainability and economics go hand in hand. There is a constant flow of innovations in these companies and collaboration is being sought with partners to improve not just as an entrepreneur, but as a sector. The nominated candidates develop and share knowledge. 

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Jub Holland is advancing the bulb sector

The jury was impressed by this stable family business because of the long family tradition, but also because of the wide range of activities within the chain. The commitment of five generations has enabled the company to achieve a distinctive position within the international market. JUB Holland stands out because of its strong vision and social engagement by giving bulbs a place in society. The entrepreneurs seek collaboration with municipal councils and organisations for this in an innovative way. A key element in this is the use of bulbs to support biodiversity. The 2017 winner operates with vision, daring and vigour. JUB Holland acts as a pioneer in developing the bulb sector. 

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