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Theme Prize

Circular entrepreneurship

The Horticulture Entrepreneurship Award stands for innovation and innovative entrepreneurship. In addition to the prize itself, which is now being organized for the 36th time, a Theme Prize has also been awarded for several years. A different theme is chosen every year to draw attention to the full breadth of entrepreneurship in our sector. The Horticulture Entrepreneurship Award also looks for a partner every year to organize the Theme Award. For the 2024 edition this will be Greenport Aalsmeer.

Together with Greenport Aalsmeer, the board has chosen to award this year's theme prize to a company, organization or initiative that distinguishes itself in a special way in the field of circularity. Circularity has many facets in horticulture and can focus on water, energy, heat, but also packaging and technical systems, buildings and other resources needed to get our beautiful products to customers and consumers.

There are many initiatives in horticulture aimed at increasing the sustainability of our sector. The Horticulture Entrepreneurship Award Foundation and Greenport Aalsmeer cordially invite them to register for this Theme Award.

Renewals and innovations around circularity within the horticultural chains, which, among other things, lead to significantly less waste by applying reuse, doing business in harmony with the environment and/or paying attention to the impact on the living environment, are very welcome to register.

An expert jury will assess the entries and in particular the savings impact of circular innovation for the sector. This specifically concerns initiatives that have already been tested in practice and have been introduced into the production chains.

The nominations will be announced on Tuesday, January 16, 2024. From these nominations, a winner will ultimately be chosen and presented at our annual event on Wednesday, March 6, 2024.

You can register for the Theme Prize through this page.