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Winners previous editions

2018: Royal Lemkes

The 32nd edition of the Horticulture Entrepreneur Award has been won by Royal Lemkes in Bleiswijk. This leading company may call itself the ambassador from the horticulture sector for one year.

Royal Lemkes received the prestigious entrepreneur award for daring, perseverance and sustainable business practices during the well-attended New Year's event on 10 January in Keukenhof, Lisse.

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2017: JUB Holland, Noordwijkerhout

The 31st edition of the Horticulture Entrepreneur Prize has been won by JUB Holland in Noordwijkerhout. This leading entrepreneur will act as an ambassador for the horticulture sector for the next year. JUB Holland was presented with the prestigious entrepreneur prize during the well-attended New Year event in Keukenhof, Lisse.

 Jac Uittenbogaard & Zonen (JUB Holland) occupy a leading position in the bulb sector. The company is one of the few in the sector that has mastered all aspects of the flower-bulb trade: from breeding tulips via the cooperative, ‘Remarkable’, to cultivating, forcing and trading flower bulbs for retail, landscape and forcing operations. The company exports high-quality flower bulbs and flower-bulb products, plus many innovative concepts to more than 35 countries.

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2016: Ebben Tree Nursery, Cuijk

Ebben Tree Nursery’s slogan, ‘know-how to-grow’ refers to 150 years of experience in cultivating unique trees and bushes in shapes, colour and application. With the cultivation of 450,000 trees per year, Ebben Tree Nursery is a world leader in this field. The family company is extremely market oriented. The innovative projects that Ebben Tree Nursery developed with landscape architects are both sustainable and unique. The greening of landscapes is a desire that runs deep in the Ebben family.

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2015: Florensis, Hendrik-ido-Ambacht

Florensis has incorporated sustainable enterprise in all its business processes, both nationally and internationally. This takes place at the cultivating locations of the producers of the seed stock of summer annuals, cut flowers, permanent plants, pot plants and biennials in the Netherlands, Portugal, Kenya and Ethiopia. 

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2014: 4Evergreen, Steenbergen

The 4Evergreen Nursery, a company owned by the Grootscholte family, is among the most innovative paprika farms in the Netherlands, with various cultivation locations in Steenbergen, Sint Annaland and Westland. With its vision of sustainability, market orientation and yield, the company has grown in size in recent years to 60 hectares. 

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2013: Sion, De Lier

Eric Moor of Sion in De Lier shows entrepreneurial skill partly through its special innovative marketing strategy for Phalaenopsis. The key words that describe the organisation are: market oriented, innovative, collaboration and an example for the sector.  

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2012: Enza Zaden, Enkhuizen

Enza Zaden is an independent family company that specialises entirely in propagation of vegetable crops. With 34 sales outlets and research centres on all continents, the company is a leading global player in seed propagation. 

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2011: Koppert Cress, Monster

Koppert Cress, under the inspiring leadership of Managing Director Rob Baan, is known for its excellent marketing of micro-vegetables. Marketing is the driving force of all business activities. The assortment is totally determined by the needs of its customers. 

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2010: Fruit-growing company Vernooy, Cothen

The fruit-growing company, Vernooy, from Cothen along the Kromme Rijn, is a creative and inventive business. Theo and Martine Vernooy are entrepreneurs with a clear vision of cherry cultivation.

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2009: Van den Berk Tree Nurseries, Sint-Oedenrode

Van den Berk Tree Nurseries, situated in Sint-Oedenrode, has been cultivating lane trees, conifers, shaped trees, rhododendron and large-sized single trees and bushes for more than 60 years.

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2008: Dutch Flower Group

Dutch Flower Group specialises in segmented market orientation. With the other companies in the group, Dutch Flower Group serves a diversity of market segments – from exclusive florists to department stores and professional wholesalers. 

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2008: Purple Pride, Zevenhuizen

Theme prize collaboration

The collaborative efforts of the seven entrepreneurs, Gebr. Van Duijn, Greenbrothers and P. de Jong, are essential for the development of aubergine cultivation. 

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2008: Van der Hoorn Orchids, First gas-less greenhouse

Encouragement prize

The ‘Eerste kas zonder Gas’ (First Gas-less Greenhouse) project started with the building of 15,000-square-metres of greenhouses in 2006 in the Dutch town of Ter Aar. Van der Hoorn opted for a semi-closed greenhouse with underground thermal energy storage.

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2007: Oriental Group, Bleiswijk

With its niche products, Bonsai and Lucky bamboo, Oriental Group has managed to build and ultramodern, successful company. 

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2007: SBW International, Roelofarendsveen

Theme prize collaboration

SBW International is working closely with JHL Young Plants, Micro Cultures and Naktuinbouw on a research project involving an innovative system to deliver high-grade, safe and bacteriologically-tested seed stock to market. 

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2007: Flower 4 All

Encouragements Prize

The entrepreneurs of the growers’ cooperative, Flower 4All, and Peter Vijverberg in particular, took a huge risk with the innovative system, Mobyflowers. Started in 2007, Mobyflowers was the first mobile cultivation system for Chrysanthemums. 

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2006: Van der Starre Group, Boskoop

Van der Starre stands out for the professional way it markets its products: 320 varieties of vines and climbing plants. Van der Starre is a leading force and trendsetter in the tree nursery sector. 

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2006: Prominent, De Lier

Winner theme prize collaboration

The strength of Prominent stems from the absence of ‘without obligation’ in collaboration. All partners have a duty to make ongoing contributions to the task forces and to take part in the excursions. This ensures a continual exchange of knowledge.

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All winners

2005:     Themato CV, Berkel en Rodenrijs

2005:     LTO Project Seizoensarbeid, theme prize labour

2005:     Maatschap Verkooijen, Ospel, encouraging prize

2004:     Rijnplant, De Lier

2004:     Projectgroep Gezond Beleid, themaprijs arbeid

2003:     Teboza BV, Helden

2003:     OZ Export en Hamifleurs, Naaldwijk, theme prize arbeid

2002:     Handelskwekerij Exceptio, Boijl

2002:     The Greenery, Barendrecht, theme prize marketing

2001:     Biologisch tuinbouwbedrijf Gebr. Verbeek, Velden

2000:     KP Holland, Naaldwijk

2000:     C. van Leeuwen Champignons, Swolgen, theme prize marketing

2000:     Jan Robben Aardbeien, encouriging prize

1999:     Mts Janssen-Kusters, Venlo

1999:     C. Uijttewaal, Bemmel, themaprijs milieu

1998:     VDE Plant, Woubrugge

1998:     Gebr. Lansbergen, Pijnacker, theme prize enviroment

1997:     Rijk Zwaan, De Lier

1996:     Ned. Champignonkwekersvereniging CNC, Gennep

1995:     Bomencentrum Nederland, Baarn

1994:     Gebr. Bunnik, Bleiswijk

1993:     Van Staaveren Concern, Aalsmeer

1992:     Koppert Biological, Berkel en Rodenrijs

1991:     Stichting tot Bevordering Bloementeelt, Bovensmilde

1990:     Rockwool Grodan, Roermond

1989:     Koninklijke Brinkman, ’s-Gravenzande

1988:     Fides Holland, De Lier

1987:     Van den Hoek’s Broeiproevenbedrijf, ’t Veld

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