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With our partners, we want to focus attention on innovative entrepreneurs. Together, we take pride in sharing exceptional stories about exceptional people in horticulture.

Ministry of Agriculture and Nature

The Horticulture Entrepreneur Prize contributes to the ongoing process of innovation in the sector. We see much dynamism in enterprise. We note that businesses are taking full advantage of opportunities in the areas of energy, sustainability, social responsibility and product innovation. For the Ministry, these are important aspects for which the Prize provides an extra incentive. The sector itself determines the importance of this prize. The fact that the prize has produced such excellent winners over the years speaks for itself.



Image building is important, within and outside horticulture. A good image attracts new employees, adds surplus value to products and helps accelerate horticulture in the Netherlands. The Horticulture Entrepreneur Prize is a tried-and-true endorsement of image. Innovation and ambition have long been important concepts when it comes to the image of modern Dutch horticulture. Rabobank is deeply committed to this and therefore supports the Horticulture Entrepreneur Prize.


An agrarian business that seeks to ensure a sound future by raising the bar for its performance. Entrepreneurs are like top athletes: every athlete is motivated by a desire to be the best in their sport. Interpolis encourages research into more efficient methods for agriculture and horticulture, without overtaxing the environment. Putting the spot light on agrarian businesses that stand out through excellent enterprise fits in well with this.

Royal FloraHolland

Collaboration, innovation and enterprise are household words in Dutch horticulture. Growers are entrepreneurs pur sang, who understand that they must keep improving their production, products and sales strategies to compete in the market. But they also have already learned the power of collaboration. The success of Dutch horticulture is nestled in the combination of these three ideas. The Horticulture Entrepreneur Prize focuses attention on entrepreneurs who successfully operate from these core values.

Flynth adviseurs en accountants

Successful business people are a source of inspiration for others. Dutch horticulture can take pride in its developments in the area of innovation and collaboration. The winners of the Horticulture Entrepreneur Prize in past years have each been leading businesses that encourage other companies to grow their businesses. Flynth Consultants and Accountants help businesses to grow successfully.