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SK Roses, De Lier (2020)

The very best roses grown under optimum conditions

SK Roses in De Lier is a successful family business where a new young generation has taken over the reins. Brothers Marc, Bas and Tom Koene are responsible for the operational management of the business, which consists of three locations with a total of 65,000 m² under glass and just one goal: cultivating high quality Avalanche roses all year round.  More than thirty million stems a year are produced, which are supplied to more than fifteen European countries.

Jury’s opinion:

The jury was impressed by the young entrepreneurs’ daring, vision and persistence. The processes are continuously optimised, including through the use of Big Data.  The very best quality is thereby produced very efficiently for the top market segment. The in-house R&D department is currently investigating whether the Avalanche+ roses can also be grown under LED lighting, with minimal light emissions and as much retention as possible of the correct climatic conditions.

SK Roses is an example of a family business in the horticulture sector that is working hard and investing continuously in optimising the operational processes. There is a lot of technical expertise within the business which is used for automation and logistical processes. The entrepreneurs play a significant role within the sector. SK Roses was recently an instigator of discussions around the sustainable energy tax. The company’s employees are offered attractive fringe benefits and remuneration systems. SK Roses’ focus is on continuing to make the business more sustainable. The aim is to be able to cultivate without emissions by 2025. Initiatives are currently being developed to package sustainably, or even supply without packaging.

SK Roses is nominated by Rabobank


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