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Dekker Chrysanten, Hensbroek (2019)

Family business Dekker Chrysanten is one of the leading chrysanthemum breeders and propagators in the world. The internationally oriented company develops and markets new varieties and has production facilities in Hensbroek and Tanzania. In addition, it has sales offices in the Netherlands, South Africa and Colombia and test locations in Colombia and South Africa. In recent years, Dekker Chrysanten has invested heavily in the development of innovative and successful chrysanthemum varieties and is seen worldwide as a trendsetter.

Together with other breeders within the GenNovation partnership, it applies the latest breeding techniques for more successful and sustainable production. Process innovation is a strength at Dekker Chrysanten. Examples of this include the development of an automated cutting system, the early introduction of 'The New Cultivation' and the far-reaching measures in biological crop protection in chrysanthemum cultivation. Resistance to disease and pests takes high priority in their breeding activities.

Opinion of the expert jury: 

The jury felt that Dekker Chrysanten has clearly formulated the goals of sustainable business practices, and is thereby contributing to the development of the chrysanthemum sector. As a market leader the company adopts this role with respect to customers and those around it. What is unique is that this family business first tests every breeding product and thinks about the release policy in order to enhance the success of launches. It thereby uses craftsmanship, experience and expertise to produce unusual market concepts for its customers. Innovation is in the Dekker family’s DNA. The jury greatly appreciated the way in which the company very pragmatically constantly takes the initiative and is a pioneer in new developments. Collaboration both with regard to technology but also in breeding is a strong point. What is unusual is the attention paid to HRM in order to facilitate and support the 1200 employees, 125 of whom are based in the Netherlands, with their personal development. Employees are given responsibility and trust in performing the work.

Dekker Chrysanten was nominated by Rabobank Alkmaar.

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