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OK Plant, 's-Gravenzande (2018)

OK Plant specialises in the cultivation of little Kolibri Orchids (Phalaenopsis Kolibri), along with various seasonal products such as Campanula, Primula obconica, Aster and Cyclamen. Since 1990, Rob and Désirée Olsthoorn have been the proud owners of this growing, ultramodern pot-plant nursery in Naaldwijk. 

The company, which focuses considerable attention on the origins of new plant material from abroad, does its own cultivation-value research to supply high-quality Phalaenopsis. Following its recent alternations, OK Plant has become a leader in renewable energy, water and crop protection. As a result, it is involved in starting the Oranje Polder geothermic-heat project in Maasdijk (Netherlands). With the heat generated, the nursery will be increasingly less dependent on fossil fuels. Recently, for the supply of carbon dioxide, the company has been linked to OCAP.

The judges find the passionate approach taken by these entrepreneurs remarkable. They have a surprisingly good marketing strategy, of which storytelling is an essential component. There is considerable synergy between the two, whereby the allocation of tasks is complementary. Désirée plays a unique role in this, which she handles quite naturally. Her exceptional staff policy focuses on integrating employees in the company. This is complex because the operation has seasonal peaks that require flexible attitudes from everyone. The management attitudes are people-orientated: everyone is welcome. Ok Plant is prepared to share knowledge of innovation and product development to raise the sector to a higher level. The entrepreneurs are actively working to prepare for the next generation.

OK Plant has been nominated by the Municipality of Westland, supported by Florpartners.



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