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Opti-Flor Monster (2019)

The mission of the family business Opti-flor is 'to let the customer enjoy special Opti-flor orchids to the full'. Entrepreneurs Marco and René Hendriks and Raymond van der Knaap do this with a team of committed and young professionals in an entrepreneurial and inspiring environment. The company grows more than six million phalaenopsis plants per year at seven production locations in the Westland, using special, high-quality and exclusive concepts. Opti-flor is known as a creative and innovative trendsetter. Their own R&D department has a strong market-oriented focus, resulting in pioneering out-of-the-box innovations.

Opti-flor is also progressive in terms of sustainable entrepreneurship. Since 2017, all locations have been connected to the Vogelaer geothermal project, a joint venture run by several growers to operate and use a geothermal doublet and distribution network. Opti-flor is the co-initiator and owner of this project. In 2018, 58% of the company's heat requirements will be met by geothermal energy. Opti-flor is a member of Benefits of Nature, an organisation that calculates the footprint of growers and trading companies and in doing so contributes to making the world a little greener every day.  This also means that the company is constantly looking for ways to make their packaging lines more sustainable.

Opinion of the expert jury: 

The jury felt that Opti-flor was an eye-catching and prominent business in the floriculture sector because of its innovative concepts. With it particularly well-elaborated marketing philosophy, the company is very distinctive. The entrepreneurs project enormous dynamism. Together they set an objective, and go for it full pelt. The broad range of products and the business operations are well-integrated. The teams have efficiently automated this process. Attention is also paid to sustainable development such as reducing the amount of packaging and saving energy. Opti-flor's personnel policy is also a model for companies in the sector. A lot of attention is paid to developing young potentials through the ‘Young Green Creating Heroes’ and the ‘Young Strategy Group’. All employees have a personal development plan. Opti-flor is a participant in the new World Horti Center in order to link intermediate vocational education to the business.

Opti-flor was nominated by Rabobank Westland.

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