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Blue Radix, Rotterdam - Theme Award (2022)

Blue Radix is an AI tech business with a focus on international greenhouse horticulture. Blue Radix develops Artificial Intelligence solutions for the full automation of daily activities and processes in greenhouse. They are thereby solving the problem of the labour shortage, and bringing about a better and more sustainable production result. With a diverse multidisciplinary team of 20 employees, Blue Radix is working on the Crop Controller, a data-driven solution for autonomous cultivation. Cultivation experts are working side-by-side with data scientists and data engineers on the development. The Crop Controller thereby makes it possible to reduce growers’ manual activities and routine thinking to almost nil. Based on the cultivation strategy, smart algorithms integrate enormous quantities of data and control the systems in the greenhouse autonomously and 24 hours per day. The greenhouse climate is constantly balanced and optimised in order to achieve the grower’s goals in terms of yield, quality and sustainability.


The jury said: Blue Radix is a pioneer in the development of technology for autonomous climate control. The company came third in the WUR’s first autonomous greenhouse challenge, and was thereby described as the business with the most rapidly usable potential. They have certainly confirmed that in recent years by steadily progressing in the development of their data-driven technology. It is good to see that they are managing to reach both foreign growers and increasing numbers of Dutch growers. Growers abroad often already see added value in the product from the start due to the lack of local horticulture knowledge. Over the past year increasing numbers of Dutch growers have also been signing up who want to follow the developments up close, use the Crop Controller for their cultivation process, and use the system for upscaling.

Blue Radix has been nominated by Flynth adviseurs en accountants and Rabobank.

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