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Plantanious, Kwintsheul

Twin brothers Joost and Freek Jansen run Plantanious, a pot plant nursery that has been in the family for three generations. The young entrepreneurs grow houseplants and flowering seasonal products on 4.5 hectares under glass.

The production involves open, honest and long-term collaboration with fellow companies at home and abroad. This enables Plantanious to supply the market with a broad range featuring eye-catching products and to increase the intensity of the company. Plantanious’ vision is green, as is shown by - other things - the fact that the greenhouses are heated with geothermal heat and the fact that the business is virtually self-sufficient in its power consumption thanks to the use of solar panels. 

The company grows organically as much as possible and the use of plastic packaging is being reduced as much as possible. Plantanious is involved with Delfland district water board's Rainlevelr project, which reduces risk of flooding and water damage in the area.

The jury praised the young entrepreneurs’ community engagement and vision with regard to sustainable entrepreneurship. There is a lot of dynamism in Plantanious’ business. The collaboration with foreign partners ensures a distinctive product and good quality all year round, whereby Plantanious believes that collaboration must always offer a win-win situation for all parties.

Plantanious rates highly for innovative entrepreneurship, place in the community, sustainability - planet, market focus, forms of collaboration, risk management and international business activities.

Plantanious has been nominated bij Rabobank.