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Telersvereniging Prominent

Coöperatieve Prominent Groep is commonly known as Prominent. This growers’ cooperative has specialised successfully in collaboration, innovative entrepreneurship and the marketing of tomatoes for the international market for 25 years.

29 affiliated businesses are shareholders in the company. In partnership with Prominent they are continuously optimising the organisation, the fresh produce supply chain, the cultivation and the product range. Prominent grows 13 varieties of tomato on 420 hectares in the Netherlands, of which half under artificial lighting. In addition, Prominent has entered into partnerships with leading growers in Spain and Morocco.  71 million kilograms of tomatoes are packaged for chain partners and retail customers every year and more than 130 million consumer packages are produced.

The businesses work together to constantly improve cultivation and quality through the use of LED lighting, closed greenhouse systems, underground water storage and heat supply to a residential district and participation in a geothermal project. Tomato waste is reduced by drying the residual stream of tomatoes.

Prominent Groep has combined collaboration with innovation and entrepreneurship in an impressive way. The businesses are committed to the belief that success and resilience for the future in greenhouse horticulture can be achieved better by utilising one another’s strengths and combining forces. This has resulted in a formula where there is room for both the members’ individual entrepreneurship and the development of centrally organise activities by the cooperative such as research, an employment agency and participation in a seed breeding company. By offering customized work, the sales and marketing team at Prominent at DOOR knows how to better serve its customers in a unique way. Because every customer is unique.

The jury was impressed by what the cooperative has achieved in 25 years. Prominent is one of the leading businesses in tomato-growing thanks to intensive collaboration, and can achieve this through the high level of mutual trust amongst its members. That trust forms the basis for this growers’ cooperative. Developing and sharing knowledge is an important part of entrepreneurship which ultimately benefits not just the businesses but the whole sector.

Prominent rates highly for innovative entrepreneurship, place in the community, sustainability - planet, employment and personnel, role in the sector, market focus, collaboration and risk management.

 Prominent has been nominated by Flynth Adviseurs enccountants.