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Wim Peters Kwekerijen nominated

Family business Wim Peters Kwekerijen produces, grows and packages Roma tomatoes and other special and exclusive tomato varieties over 16 hectares in Someren.  The company is progressive, independent and forward-looking and sees many opportunities for tomato cultivation. The company uses the latest sustainable techniques wherever possible to achieve optimal results and the best quality. An example of this is LED lighting, which makes it possible to grow crops more energy-efficiently and productively all year round. The company is the front-runner in the Netherlands with 11 ha of LED lighting.

Two years ago, a hailstorm destroyed the entire company in just two minutes. This was an opportunity for a fresh start. Wim Peters decided to undertake a completely new build, using the latest techniques and meeting all environmental requirements; a modern greenhouse with diffuse glass, a seven-metre-high greenhouse for better climate conditions, vertical ventilators and LED lighting.

Verdict of the expert jury: Wim Peters Kwekerijen wants to grow, package and sell tomatoes to international and domestic markets in the most sustainable and innovative way possible to contribute to customer needs. Quality is central to this, along with long-term and honest relationships. It is testimony not only to exceptional entrepreneurship but also to vision, courage and perseverance that the company could start again so quickly and energetically, with new personnel and a new client portfolio, after a natural disaster. It was also the time for the entrepreneur to redefine his vision and strategy: grow what the customer wants and focus on revenue instead of costs. Quality and reliability are important priorities. Choices have been made in order to minimise future risks. The company has a sustainable personnel policy based on a clear organisational structure and distinct business processes. Wim Peters has a high level of social responsibility; many young people from the region are coached and supervised and are given the opportunity for further growth within the company.

Wim Peters Kwekerijen has been nominated by ZON fruit & vegetables.